APA(Amateur Players Association Japan) International Chamber Music Festival

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Amateur Players Association Japan (APA) organized the first international chamber music festival on 9th till 15 March 2016 in Japan.

12players from 7 countries (with 3 partners) visited Japan and played with APA members at two selected concert halls, in Koganei Tokyo and Atami Shizuoka. 12 players including several ACMP members played two different pieces of music while partners visited several spots with APA members according to the partners programs. Between the two concerts we made a bus tour to Hakone on the way to Atami.

APA International Chamber Music Festival

Photo Album: 2016 APA International Chamber Music Festival/ Concerts in Koganei and Atami https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8jIJMd91Rg&feature=youtu.be


Responses from participants:

APA is open to foreign amateur players. You are always welcome to circles of chamber music players in Japan. Please contact us for more details.
We also aim to hold annual international chamber music festival. The next festival will be around March 22 2017.for a week. We shall keep you informed in this home page. Please have a look at our future announcements.

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